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Building a new home?

You're ready to build your dream home and you've thought of everything. The exterior finishes, the flooring, the countertops, the paint colors.  No detail has been left out. But have you thought about the little details....

Like will you be able to get Wi-Fi in the bedroom? Or when I mount my TV over the fireplace will my cable box have to sit on the mantle? Are all those wires going to be showing and am I really willing to sit wireless speakers on my kitchen counter?


This is where we come in. At Audio House We know what questions to ask before it's too late. Ways to make technology disappear while still being the center of attention and ensure they will work even when the next new gadget comes out next year. Technology is now a critical part of the home are you prepared. Call us for a free consultation and we will make sure all of your audio, video, and the technology is as perfect as the rest of your dream home.


Whether you're a home builder, home owner, architect or interior designer give us a call.

This is to important to leave up for guessing!



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