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Technology changes fast so check back here often. From the latest smart phone to the leading wireless speaker technoloy. This is the place to keep on the cutting edge....

New to Control 4:
       Wireless portable touchscreens with video intercom
       Sleek remote with color and symbol options
       Redesigned mobile app for improved stability
Conected Persons Hit Milestone

The average home has 24 connected devices. By 2020 its estimated that there will be over 40 billiion connected devices. So what does that mean for us? where do we go from here? Security, energy savings, comfort in the home are at the tips of our fingers. 

Sonos Playbar

Soundbars are the future of TV speakers. Sonos allows you to not only control the volume of your wireless speaker with your remote but also your phone, pc, or most any connected device. With the many available music servers and access to your own personal collection the Sonos Playbar is versatile to fit the needs of everyone between the occasional party music to the serious sports fan who needs to hear over themselves.

New and Limited!

The new Sonos Play:1 Tone

Sonos clarity at its finest

From holographic key boards to ocular controls, technology is moving fast enough to scare some but the real question is what is next? Nuclear fission, a battery for your home, or self driving cars, what gets you excited? Drop us an email, subject line cutting edge, and let us know what peaks your interest.

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