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Our Process:

What to expect:

When you contact Audio House one of our team members will meet you at your home or project site. We will discuss your wants, needs, expectations and dreams.

Another important part of this process is discussing how your new system will become an integrated part of your daily life.


After our meeting a detailed plan will be developed to ensure proper implementation and success of the entire project.


Upon unanimous approval, wiring and installation of equipment along with detailed custom programming will be executed in a timely manner


Once the installation is complete we spend time with our clients making sure the system is easy to use and everyone is comfortable with every aspect of the project.


The Reverse Approach

Time after time we've seen systems built or "sold" with no obvious goal in mind. Because of this we started a process we refer to as the "Reverse Approach". The first thing discussed in every project is "What Is The Ultimate Goal". This includes but is not limited to how the system will be used, how the system will be controlled and the client's comfort level of the technology. Once the goal is determined we design the best possible system using some of the finest equipment available. The end result is an extremely satisfying experience and many years of enjoyment with your system.

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