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Audio / Video...Made Easy

Music and television have become such an important part of our daily lives but can be frustratingly difficult to operate. At Audio House we believe it should be as easy as the press of a single button to watch your favorite movie or fill your home with music.  




Home Theater

In the comfort of your own home you can experience the theater experience exactly like Hollywood wanted. Never pay for overpriced popcorn again, pause the movie for the bathroom break and never have to put up with that guy behind you talking all through the movie. Ultimate Theater Experience!



Automated Lighting & Window Treatments

Imagine not having to run around the house at night turning out lights and stumping your toe as you get into bed. Climb into bed and press a button on your bedside table and all the lights go out. You can adjust your lights while on vacation to look like you are home or turn off all the lights the kids left on.

Save energy and money by automatically closing shades and window treatments during the hottest parts of the day. Wake up in the mornings by natural sunlight when your shades open to your programed alarm clock.



Smart Home Magazine

Smart Homes

As you pull into the garage at night coming home from work your lights automatically turn on and your thermostat adjusts to a comfortable setting. You walk into the back door and the TV turns on and changes to your favorite channel. As you leave your home in the morning with a press of a button all the TVs and music in the home turn off, the thermostats back down to an energy saving temperature. The lights turn off so you won't have to worry about checking to see if you left one on. Smart Homes make life simpler and easier while saving energy in the process.



Smart Home Magazine

WiFi & Cell Phone
Signal Boosters


Tired of not being able to make a phone call in your office. Aggravated that the only way you have cell service in your home is while you sit in the window. Is your WiFi great in one area and slow as molasses in others? 

At Audio House we can provide a solution to improve WiFi and cell signals throughout your home or business. Contact us today for a free evaluation.


Commercial A/V & Lighting
Whether it’s a Restaurant, Conference Room, House of worship or Event Center an audio video system should perform well and be easy to operate. Do you ever have to get I.T. involved just to turn on the projector in the conference room? A simple control and a press of a button should be all it takes. When the lighting dims in your restaurant for the evening menu does every one notice or is it a gradual fade that blends seamlessly into the atmosphere. Proper Audio, Video, and Lighting are what separate just a restaurant from an exquisite dining experience.  
Contact Audio House and one of our pros can consult and execute a plan to turn frustrations and confusion into sheer delight.


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